Updates to the Johnson County Schools Call Out System

School Messenger Image

Johnson County Schools have been using software for several years to communicate with its parents, staff and students about local events, school schedule changes and general school related information. There have been some major updates to the software over the past couple of months that have not allowed our e-mail communication to go out alongside our voice messages. This has created some confusion and has limited effective communication between the schools and parents. With assistance and guidance from our software team at School Messenger, we have a solution in place that will allow everyone to continue receiving calls via voice and e-mail.

The most effective means of receiving communication from us would be via the new School Messenger App. You can download this App by doing a search on your phone for “School Messenger” in the Google Play or Apple Store. Download it, install it on your phone and make sure you sign up for your account using the same e-mail address you have on file with your child’s school. This App will not only allow you to receive notifications from us in a timely fashion, but it works for voice calls as well as e-mail notifications. It will also keep track of previous notifications in case you need to go back and check them out.

You can view and download the parent user guide for the School Messenger App by following this link.

If you do not have a cell phone and wish to keep receiving calls at your home or residence, then you can certainly do so at your regular phone number. You will not be able to receive automatic e-mail notifications however, due to the changes in the MessageLink software used to generate the notification.

Of course, inclement weather notifications and school delays notices will still be available via the Johnson County Department of Education website and Facebook, so if you’ve not received a notification and suspect there might be a change due to the weather you can always check there.

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